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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Things that you should know

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From Australia to the United Kingdom and from Canada to South Africa, more and more people are purchasing goods and services online. The same goes for the B2B sector. That’s why enterprise-level companies are looking for good B2B eCommerce platforms to create and run their eCommerce sites. BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus is a common search query on popular search engines. We will use this blog post to explain the differences and similarities between these two eCommerce platforms.

Multi-channel support

If you analyze BigCommerce’s offer, you probably won’t find an exact number of channels that this platform supports. So, BigCommerce supports multi-channel sales, but it’s difficult to tell how many channels. On the other hand, Shopify Plus allows sellers to sell and handle their goods on more than 20 sales channels including some of the most important channels like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Pinterest. As for the reports and analysis, both platforms allow their users to track and analyze sales through the dashboard. Another thing that makes Shopify Plus slightly better is that you can use this platform to sell things on offline channels too (land-based stores or even on trade shows thanks to their POS system).

Security and safety

This is another area where Shopify Plus is better than BigCommerce. It seems that this is one of the first big eCommerce platforms that accept the new regulations presented by the authorities. The good thing is that both platforms are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant which is very important these days. Without such security, you can lose many customers because modern customers are well-informed people who want to make deals only with sites that can guarantee their security and safety.


One of the main goals of every modern business is to grow. So, scalability is an important factor for many eCommerce site owners. What’s great is that BigCommerce and Shopify Plus provide a good level of scalability. So, when the time comes for your business to grow you won’t experience any problems. This is especially true when it comes to Shopify Plus. This eCommerce platform is able to process thousands of sales in a minute. It also promises fast loading times for your website pages regardless of the number of visitors at the moment.

All in all, both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are good enterprise-level eCommerce platforms, but Shopify Plus comes with more advantages.

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