Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Comparing two popular eCommerce platforms

There are literally dozens of eCommerce platforms out there, but when it comes to platforms that can meet the needs and requirements of enterprise-level businesses, the selection is not that great. BigCommerce and Shopify Plus are often listed as the top two solutions for this specific category of users. So, it’s no wonder why BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus is a very common question used on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. To clear some of the dilemmas, we will compare these two platforms in this blog post.


It doesn’t really matter whether you are running a small business or an enterprise-level business, having the right theme for your website is a very important thing. If you check the libraries of BigCommerce and Shopify Plus, you will notice a great selection of themes. These themes are designed so well that you probably won’t need to make any changes. When we are talking about the number of themes, Shopify Plus is the leader here. They have more themes and what’s even more important they have themes designed for specific industries, On top of that, Shopify’s themes are less expensive compared to BigCommerce’s themes.


As for the security of these eCommerce platforms for enterprise-level users, both of them are PCI DSS 3.2 (Level 1) compliant. This applies to both service providers and merchants. In other words, with the help of BigCommerce and Shopify Plus, you can expect protection for your customers when it comes to credit card data breaches. While we are talking about security, you should know that Shopify Plus has taken care of the implementation of GDPR too which is very important.


Lastly, we have customer support. BigCommerce provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can expect account management, launch management, and onboarding support. As a large merchant, you can also expect priority support which means that your queries will be managed by senior technical support agents in less than a minute over phone, chat or email. Shopify Plus has even better support. They have a huge team that consists of consultants, launch engineers, solution engineers, and merchant success managers. You can reach them 24/7, 365 days a year by live chat, email or phone.

Overall, when we compare Shopify Plus and BigCommerce we will see two great platforms, but the fact is that Shopify Plus is slightly better.

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