Pathways to Impact
This research network has been designed to have impacts outside of academia, particularly within the public sector, the third sector, and the wider public. With regard to the public sector, the main beneficiary of the research will be the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is a participant in the Research Network. The third sector will also be a beneficiary of this research network, especially NGOs such as the United Nations Association–United Kingdom, quasi-governmental institutions such as the British Council and the United States Diplomacy Centre, and unofficial diplomatic actors such as the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and the Unrecognised Nations and Peoples Organisation. Finally, the British public will also be a beneficiary as there is a broad interest in diplomacy as the ‘spectacle of foreign affairs’. Providing impact to these beneficiaries is a fundamental goal of this research network.

3774362713_91576b10c9_zPhoto credit: FCO